Consulting contracts on the following topics have been carried out on behalf of numerous major petroleum companies, most recently BP and Repsol-Sinopec.

  • Interpretation of PVT data in terms of reservoir charging and alteration history.

  • Field and regional PVT studies for exploration insight.

  • Rationalization of relationships of saturation pressure and gas/oil ratio in oils and gas condensates.

  • PVT studies emloying equation of state applications (PVTSim and Winprop).

  • Development of tailored-property petroleum fluids for laboratory investigation.

  • Interpretation of light hydrocarbons in terms of maturity, alteration, mixing, evaporative fractionation and biodegradation.

  • Interpretation of light hydrocarbons in terms of source rock type.

  • Tuition in the interpretative protocols developed by the writer as summarized above. Customized courses up to five days in length are offered, as recently presented to various majors.